Sunday, October 18, 2015

Arch-Loom 2 @Eltham

Art production by Slow Art Collective (Dylan Martorell, Chaco Kato)

@ Eadendale, Eltham, 2015
interactive/participatry installation for The Practically Green Festival
commission work for  Nillumbik Shire Council


Archi Loom 1 by Slow Art Collective


@Artplay, October 2015
Slow Art Collective (Dylan Martorell, Chaco Kato with guest artists Joseph Griffiths and Brian Spiteri) created a mammoth loom in the middle of Artplay in Fedration squire. Children collaborators came and refurbished to transform installation in the week.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bamboo House Musique

Slow Art Collective (Dylan Martorell and Chaco Kato) @ Warrnambool Art Museum, Fun 4 Kids Festival 2015/Jul 

Bamboo House Musique was an interactive art experience which utilises re-purposed materials found on site and combines live plants incorporated with touch based electronics. A playful space set within a magical string construction for rest, craft, music creation and discovery – Warrnambool Art Gallery