Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mis Design - Shelter - Collingwood McDonalds

McDonald’s drive-through, underground car-park, corner Smith St and Victoria Pde, Collingwood 24 August – 4 September Tony Adams, Chaco Kato, Ash Keating and Dylan Martorell are four Melbourne-based artists who collaborate under the umbrella of Slow Art Collective. Their shared concern for environmental issues leads them to develop sustainable art practices that highlight the need for social change. For ten days the Slow Art Collective will build and install a makeshift dwelling, filming the process and streaming it live to the Potter. This temporary human shelter is designed for use in ‘emergency’ conditions. Whether these conditions come about through a natural disaster, such as flood or fire, a man-made event, such as nuclear fall-out, or a more localised—yet no less devastating event—such as the advent of homelessness, is unspecified. Collingwood provides a context where discrepancies in living conditions are transparent. Bunkering down in a subterranean landscape designed to be a transit zone, one through which customers pass swiftly between ordering and collecting their meals, Slow Art Collective asks customers to pause and consider the contingency of human welfare upon the built environment, the nature of ephemeral dwellings, and the purposes to which design might be used. Venue host partner: McDonald’s Australia, Smith St Collingwood restaurant

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