Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bow River - C3 gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne.

The Slow Art Collectives interest in various aspects of d.i.y.culture found a source close to home when we discovered that both our children had found a mutual obsession in hand made archery. A healthy obsession that we both happily encouraged.
Of course this was also the perfect medium for exploring the various confluences of material improvisation,sonic architecture and survivalist skills disguised as entertainment SAC has explored throughout its brief lifespan.
Working with our children as collaborators it was also an interesting way for us to expand our definition of the art collective, a floating collective that finds a strength in its lack of definition.
The installation consisted of a shooting gallery made up of an "exploded" drum kit hooked up to 
an old electric drum kit unit which triggered various percussive samples, 'Chinese opera' etc when successfully targeted by the archery participants.
Gallery walls where decorated with motifs mirroring the various circular targets as well as a wall dedicated to Ringo Watanabes d.i.y. weapon collection.

 Inez and Ringo also conducted their own Mothers day bow and arrow construction workshop 

which you can see below.

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