Saturday, December 13, 2014

Signal - Leaf House Redux / ACMI - Bamboo House Music

Signal is an art space for teenagers on the banks of the Yarra, Melbourne,
they create programs here that go beyond the art education that these kids would
experience as part of a high school curriculum e.g. robotics, writing code, 3d printing, graffiti etc

We recreated the work commissioned for M Pavillion incorporating the workshop attendees as equal collaborators. We discussed ideas with them such as the idea of working as a collective and successful ways in which collectives can operate, we also talked about how to design a space from the point of view of an audience member, basic structural concepts and how to improvise with materials. The best workshops are when the students take over and need no direction, this was one of those.

Leaf House Music - M Pavillion

Commission for M Pavillion in Melbourne.

Site Specific installation using growth structures found in  plants situated
around the pavillion as the basis for large scale music scores created using bamboo
and wool.

This work also incorporated touch based instruments combining arduino based
technologies and kokedama.

Below are sound recordings and music scores which where the basis for the structures housed within the pavillion.

Bow River - C3 gallery, Abbotsford, Melbourne.

The Slow Art Collectives interest in various aspects of d.i.y.culture found a source close to home when we discovered that both our children had found a mutual obsession in hand made archery. A healthy obsession that we both happily encouraged.
Of course this was also the perfect medium for exploring the various confluences of material improvisation,sonic architecture and survivalist skills disguised as entertainment SAC has explored throughout its brief lifespan.
Working with our children as collaborators it was also an interesting way for us to expand our definition of the art collective, a floating collective that finds a strength in its lack of definition.
The installation consisted of a shooting gallery made up of an "exploded" drum kit hooked up to 
an old electric drum kit unit which triggered various percussive samples, 'Chinese opera' etc when successfully targeted by the archery participants.
Gallery walls where decorated with motifs mirroring the various circular targets as well as a wall dedicated to Ringo Watanabes d.i.y. weapon collection.

 Inez and Ringo also conducted their own Mothers day bow and arrow construction workshop 

which you can see below.

Malarkey - Melbourne Now, National Gallery Victoria

Malarkey was a commission by the NGV to create an interactive children's space
for the inaugural Melbourne Now exhibition.
We wanted to create a space that invited areas for play, rest, music creation and discovery that incorporated concepts of recycling, upcycling and d.i.y. culture.


 A large scale, cross-cultural community art project - to create a secret garden on the Upper Terrace at Hamer Hall!

During the month of August, renowned Japanese installation artist Hiroshi Fuji will be taking up residency at Arts Centre Melbourne to collaborate with Melbourne's Slow Art Collective and the people of Victoria.
The KAERU project is about renewal, transformation, sustainability and collaborative art - themes that celebrate Art Centre Melbourne's new Hamer Hall. Working with all kinds of recycled and organic materials Fujisan and the Collective extend an open invitation to local artists, students, and all the people of Melbourne to join them in creating an interactive garden installation on the upper terrace of the new Hamer Hall.
Structured workshops for school groups are available but anyone with a passion for creativity and sustainable, community driven art is encouraged to join us at our open studio!
So drop in for an hour, a day or come back regularly throughout August to contribute to a piece of public art that celebrates the rejuvenation of Hamer Hall and will inhabit a prominent place in Melbourne for months afterwards.

Double Happines - Gertrude Contemporary.

Mis Design - Shelter - Collingwood McDonalds

McDonald’s drive-through, underground car-park, corner Smith St and Victoria Pde, Collingwood 24 August – 4 September Tony Adams, Chaco Kato, Ash Keating and Dylan Martorell are four Melbourne-based artists who collaborate under the umbrella of Slow Art Collective. Their shared concern for environmental issues leads them to develop sustainable art practices that highlight the need for social change. For ten days the Slow Art Collective will build and install a makeshift dwelling, filming the process and streaming it live to the Potter. This temporary human shelter is designed for use in ‘emergency’ conditions. Whether these conditions come about through a natural disaster, such as flood or fire, a man-made event, such as nuclear fall-out, or a more localised—yet no less devastating event—such as the advent of homelessness, is unspecified. Collingwood provides a context where discrepancies in living conditions are transparent. Bunkering down in a subterranean landscape designed to be a transit zone, one through which customers pass swiftly between ordering and collecting their meals, Slow Art Collective asks customers to pause and consider the contingency of human welfare upon the built environment, the nature of ephemeral dwellings, and the purposes to which design might be used. Venue host partner: McDonald’s Australia, Smith St Collingwood restaurant